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<font size="2.5">Eileen B. Sigmund</font>

Eileen B. Sigmund

President and CEO
602-944-0644 x307

<font size="2.5">Robert Di Bacco</font>

Robert Di Bacco

Chief Operating Officer
602-944-0644 x305

<font size="2.5">Dr. Ildiko Laczko-Kerr</font>

Dr. Ildiko Laczko-Kerr

Vice President of Academics
602-944-0644 x301

<font size="2.5">Andrew Collins</font>

Andrew Collins

Senior Director of School Development
602-944-0644 x302

<font size="2.5">Dr. Anabel Aportela</font>

Dr. Anabel Aportela

Director of Research and Evaluation
602-944-0644 x318

<font size="2.5">Sid Bailey</font>

Sid Bailey

Director of Leadership Development
602-944-0644 x304

<font size="2.5">Megan Gilbertson</font>

Megan Gilbertson

Director of Communications
602-944-0644 x321

<font size="2.5">Cameron Quick</font>

Cameron Quick

Director of Member and Business Services
602-944-0644 x320

<font size="2.5">Justin O'Connell</font>

Justin O'Connell

Director of Academic Services
602-944-0644 x311

<font size="2.5">Daniel Duran</font>

Daniel Duran

Events Coordinator
602-944-0644 x322

<font size="2.5">Carol Heiler</font>

Carol Heiler

Community and Advocacy Coordinator
602-944-0644 x319

<font size="2.5">Jamar Younger</font>

Jamar Younger

Communications Coordinator
602-944-0644 x325

<font size="2.5">Ashley Cary</font>

Ashley Cary

Manager of Member Services
602-944-0644 x327

<font size="2.5">Samuel D. Francés Vázquez</font>

Samuel D. Francés Vázquez

Program Manager
602-944-0644 x315

<font size="2.5">Andrew Nelson</font>

Andrew Nelson

Quality Schools Program Lead Trainer
602-944-0644 x314

<font size="2.5">Jesse Barragan</font>

Jesse Barragan

Quality Schools Program Trainer
602-944-0644 x326

<font size="2.5">Dillon McGill</font>

Dillon McGill

Quality Schools Program Trainer
602-944-0644 x312

<font size="2.5">Cindi Wingfield, M.Ed.</font>

Cindi Wingfield, M.Ed.

Quality Schools Program Trainer
602-944-0644 x317

<font size="2.5">Eric Berschback</font>

Eric Berschback

Quality Schools Program Trainer
602-944-0644 x323

<font size="2.5">Dianne Sands</font>

Dianne Sands

Office Manager/Assistant to the CEO
602-944-0644 x308

<font size="2.5">Joell C. Adams</font>

Joell C. Adams

602-944-0644 x303