Association Statement on Charter Closure

Arizona Charter Schools Association President and CEO Eileen B. Sigmund issued the following statement in response to the mid-year closure of Discovery Creemos Academy, formerly Bradley Academy of Excellence:

“On behalf of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, we are aghast at the reprehensible behavior exhibited by the administrator of Discovery Creemos Academy, formerly Bradley Academy of Excellence. It is unthinkable to close a school mid-year with no warning to parents and families. Similarly, it is unacceptable to subject students to the poor academic conditions illustrated by the Academy’s most recent AzMERIT assessment score, released in September 2017.

“The actions of Discovery Creemos Academy are not reflective of the approximately 550 public charter schools across Arizona and the 185,000 students they serve. The teachers, administrators and staff members of these schools are dedicated to providing their students the best possible education every day.

“This fact, of course, is cold comfort to those suddenly locked out of the classroom due to the reckless decisions of a single school operator. The Arizona Charter Schools Association pledges to assist wherever possible so that these teachers and students can find new schools quickly and complete the 2017-18 school year with a minimum of disruption.”