Charter Association Commends Governor for Commitment to K-12 Education

Governor’s State of the State Address Highlights Student Success, Promises to Maintain and Restore Funding

“Governor Ducey is right: Arizona public schools are improving. Students across our state are making significant gains in academic performance, and we are seeing real progress closing the achievement gap among students of color. I’m proud the 185,000 Arizona students attending public charter schools are setting the pace in achievement. Charter students of every racial and ethnic group have outperformed the state average for each of the past three years.

“We commend the Governor for his commitment to restore K-12 education funding and maintain investments in targeted programs, which provide stability to all of our public schools.

“As budget discussions move forward, we stand ready to assist Governor Ducey and legislators in our shared mission to bring a quality education to every Arizona student. Let’s get to work!”

-Eileen B. Sigmund, President and CEO of Arizona Charter Schools Association