Charter Teachers Share Education Experiences with Lawmakers

Elizabeth Tavasci

Elizabeth Tavasci speaks before the House Education Committee.

Education remains a priority for politicians and voters, with lawmakers sending Prop 123 to the ballot, polls showing education as a top issue and the usual spate of education bills circulating through the State Legislature this session.

With education at the forefront of policy discussions, the House and Senate Education Committees have made it a priority to highlight some of the positive happenings in Arizona’s schools.

For the last few weeks, Education Committee Chairs Rep. Paul Boyer and Sen. Sylvia Allen have invited teachers to share their experiences in Arizona’s public education system with committee members.

And charter teachers have led the way.

Lauren Gray of Leading Edge Academy Gilbert Early College was the first to share her story at the House Education Committee meeting. Gray, whose husband is also a charter teacher, shared with members about her family’s passion for education. Elizabeth Tavasci of Horizon Community Learning Center also spoke before the House Education Committee, explaining how teaching was a lifelong ambition for her.

Brittany Ayo LTS

Brittany Ayo, Legacy Traditional Schools

Brittany Ayo, of Legacy Traditional Schools, appeared before the Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 10, saying teaching allows her to change the lives of her students.

“I teach because if I made a difference to one boy or girl, I made a difference in the world. Every child matters,” Ayo said.

Ayo’s speech moved Rep. Doug Coleman (R-16) to speak on the positives of school choice, and how it benefits children and families.

“I’m just so thrilled with your testimony, but also I’m thrilled that this state has given real freedom to make the best choices for kids,” Coleman said.

Meanwhile, the Senate Education Committee showed the Association’s 2015 Charter Teacher of the Year video featuring award winner Kate Toci, who integrates technology into her classroom.

More charter teachers are on the agenda for upcoming House Education Committee meetings including:
• Cameron Denny of Paradise Honors High School on Feb. 17; and
• Alexa Neal of Imagine Prep-Surprise on March 2.

These teachers are just a few of the many educators who are dedicated and committed to changing the lives of Arizona’s students.

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With negative headlines splashed across news outlets, the hard work of our K-12 teachers and leaders is sometimes overshadowed and forgotten. We want to change that. With 556 public charter schools serving over 170,000 student, charters play an integral role in shaping the lives of Arizona’s youth. These teachers are just a few examples of how charters are changing lives every day.

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