Developing Admissions and Enrollment Policies for Your Public Charter School

This admissions and enrollment brief was developed by the Arizona Charter Schools Association in partnership with David Garner, Esq. and Nathan Arrowsmith, Esq., of Osborn Maledon, P.A.  This brief is not intended to take the place of advice from competent legal counsel as to particular facts and circumstances. The Arizona Charter Schools Association strongly recommends that you consult with your attorney regarding the application of these laws and regulatory guidance to your charter school.


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Enrollment and Admissions
Public Charter School Fact Sheet

In Arizona, families have the right to choose among district and charter public schools. Charter schools are open-enrollment tuition-free, public schools that operate based on a contract with their authorizer. Charter schools’ admission and enrollment policies must be fair to all student populations and not discourage any student (except expelled students or those in expulsion proceedings) from seeking admission and enrollment. A school’s policies should be readily available and accessible to parents.


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