“Fund What Works”

Association President Eileen Sigmund outlines goals for upcoming legislative session, says state needs to fund high performing, rapidly improving schools

Arizona needs to prioritize state money to support its most successful schools and clear the path for students who want to simultaneously attend high school and community college.

That’s the message from Association President and CEO Eileen Sigmund, who recently outlined those goals in a story published by the Arizona Republic on Jan. 4.

Eileen B. Sigmund

Eileen B. Sigmund

Association President and CEO

Our motto for this year is to simply fund what works. We want to prioritize the very limited and scarce state dollars to schools that are either achieving at a high level, rapidly improving or doing great work in communities of exceptional need.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Arizona Charter Schools Association President and CEO Eileen Sigmund said her organization is focusing on two goals — one broad and one specific.

She said they will push to overturn already-approved changes to charter-school funding that will cut tens of millions from the schools. Several of those cuts were put on hold last year.

But aside from that, Sigmund said her association wasn’t yet backing any specific proposal to overhaul the way charter schools are funded or to increase school funding. She said they will wait to see what lawmakers propose.

The second goal, Sigmund said, is to make changes to state statute to ensure there are no roadblocks to students enrolling both in high school and community college at the same time.”