Connecting Voters with Elected Officials

Charter Advocates

Everyone has a stake in a well-educated, prosperous future for our state. With the potential to reform school finance, a new academic accountability system, and the expiration of Classroom Site Fund monies on the horizon, advocacy is more important now than ever.

At key moments in the legislative session, when bills that affect the charter school community are under consideration, the Charter Association will reach out to you to take action and contact your elected representative.

By signing upon our secure platform, you can instantly connect with your state elected officials through email, text, and social media.

The time commitment is minimal. The system is efficient and effective. And becoming a Charter Advocate is easy. You can do so by texting AZCHARTERS to 52886 or sign-up below.

We are a powerful voice when united. Join us in supporting Arizona’s charter community.


Why should you get involved?
As a public school parent in Arizona, you made a choice about where your child would go to school. All families should have the choice to send their kids to high performing schools. High performing schools don’t all have to look alike. You already know this, but the reasons you chose your child’s charter school are important and we need to protect that choice.
We have amazing schools in Arizona, but kids across our state suffer disproportionately when charter school funding is cut. As just one person it can feel like your voice is not being heard at the capitol. By joining with us, your voice will be amplified by the thousands of parents, who just like you, love their school and want the best for Arizona’s kids. Your voice is critically important to making access to high quality schools a reality for all of Arizona’s kids
In the last five years, more families have been choosing charter schools in Arizona than ever before, but funding for these same schools has steadily gone down. If this trend continues in 2017, charter schools in Arizona will be funded at their lowest level in several years. You believe that funding for public schools should be equitable, predictable, transparent, and stable.  We will help you take that message to your elected officials.

Contact our Advocacy Team

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Director of Government Affairs

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Communications Director

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