Cindi Wingfield, M.Ed.

Trainer for the Quality Schools Program

Cindi is a member of the training team at the Center for Student Achievement, a division of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, who primarily works with our K-5 schools. Cindi draws on over 23 years of experience as a classroom teacher, school administrator, instructional coach, and district program specialist to develop trainings, facilitate professional development, and provide instructional coaching for schools throughout Arizona and beyond. Cindi earned her M. Ed. in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University and her B.A. in Multicultural Education from Arizona State University. She holds Elementary Teaching Certificates with ELL endorsements in Arizona and Colorado, and has several training certifications. When Cindi is not working, she is a bit challenging to track down, as she is usually traveling in search of new adventures with (or without!) her two teenage sons. She is also embracing her newest role as a “Football Mom,” and can be found cheering on Arcadia High School every Thursday and Friday night during the season…GO TITANS! Like all of the Trainers at the Association, Cindi is passionate about providing a high quality education for every student, every day!


If you are seeking support in increasing student achievement at your school, my team and I are here to help! My specific areas of expertise are in English language acquisition (ELL), early literacy, classroom management, lesson planning, using data to inform instruction, and Project Based Learning. Please visit my website to see some of the projects I’m currently work on, and reach out to see how I can support the mission and vision of your school.