Daniel Duran

Events Director

Daniel is the Events Director for the Arizona Charter Schools Association, or as his colleagues put it…”the food guy”. While making sure guests have amazing food to eat, his primary role is to guide the organization in planning and executing events that are engaging, impactful, and mission centered. With the vast reach and many efforts of the Association, Daniel is dedicated to working closely with each member of the staff to help create a cohesive thread of outreach that will benefit the community of schools and corporate members. Daniel is passionate about authentic hospitality and believes it isn’t just a box to check. Rather, hospitality is a way of life. In January 2013, Daniel joined the Association’s team, bringing with him his experience in non-profit, corporate, and social event planning as well as his knowledge and skills from his time working on the hotel and resort side of event management. Even after 12 years of doing this work, he can truly say he is right where he wants to be. Daniel is an Arizona native and is proud to call Phoenix home. When he comes home at the end of the day, he is greeted by his Aussie-Shepherd Lab mix, Lucy, Miniature Schnauzer, Jake, and Pug, Martin. Most recently Daniel has taken on what might be the greatest event planning challenge of his career…his wedding.


I’m here to help your school or business find the event or training opportunity that will best fit your needs! We have an array of options for you and your staff. We pride ourselves on planning events that are tailored to suit you. Have a suggestion on programming? Let me know!

Looking to sponsor an event? Let me know! Need a recommendation for an amazing place to eat around town or host your own event? Happy to help!