On average, Arizona charter students are funding about $1,100 less than their average district peer. The wide disparities in K-12 funding are due to an outdated school finance system that was last overhauled in 1980. All children in public schools should receive an excellent education backed by similar resources. Due to geography or school choice, some students should not be treated as worth less than other students. Since Arizona law allows for robust open enrollment and parental choice, school district boundaries no longer define where students must attend public school. But our antiquated law still follows the same, outdated funding system based on type of school and location, rather than the money following the student.

Student Equity

Arizona's school funding system is broken. These dramatic differences in per-pupil funding affect the resources available in the classroom, and the academic opportunities for students across the state.

School Finance Infographic

Arizona's complex and outdated funding system does not fund students equitably. Click on the title above to download this infographic, which shows the various sources of revenue that fund our public schools.

Classrooms First Initiative Council

The Classrooms First Initiative Council, formed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, aims to modernize school finance code, ensuring adequate funding is made available for teachers and classroom instruction. The Association serves as technical advisors to the committee. Our focus is to find the best solutions for solving inequities in our finance system.

In response to the Governor’s request to create one equitable, transparent funding formula for all students, the Arizona Charter Schools Association has developed an equitable student-funding formula concept. This concept addresses the inequities of student funding, is substantially uniform among students for schools, and is revenue neutral as Governor Ducey requested. The intent of presenting this discussion concept is to encourage conversation about school finance solutions among the Council and the public.

Classrooms First Discussion Concept

An Equitable Student-Funding Formula

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